Back to Balance

“Back to Balance” Days!

How long has it been since you could just do what you wanted to do, when you felt like doing it? 

You’re invited to retreat for a day from the many demands of everyday life and spend time nurturing yourself and honouring your own needs.

There are opportunities to relax, be in nature, to reconnect mind and body through bodywork, and to use creative processes to focus on what brings you balance and fulfilment. Savour home comforts, a healthy lunch, a delightful garden and scenic views!

You will re-enter your life with a renewed sense of calm, balance and ease. You may also have greater insight and clarity about where you want to head to next on your life journey and what’s truly important to you. 

Use our Contact Form for dates and further details. Also, contact Darlene if you’d like to have a “Back to Balance” Day organised for your own small group.  

  • "Darlene, the day I spent with you was really wonderful. You were so kind, thoughtful and generous. You obviously put great consideration into every aspect of my experience and everything was carefully planned and beautifully delivered..." Ebony (Nov 2016)
  • "Very replenished and at peace. A very much needed experience. Yummy food. Very helpful, relaxing and freeing. Thank you for creating this sacred and beautiful offering to nourish us all." Summah (Oct 2016)
  • “Feeling much more connected with myself, relaxed, centred, happy. If felt like a “coming home” experience, feeling supported and connected.I loved spending the day in your space. It was exactly what my soul has been searching for.” Kat (2016)
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