OrganicSpa Facials

Organic Beauty Facial 

50 mins   $80

Following a skin analysis, products will be chosen to heal, rejuvenate and enhance your skin condition as needed. With medicinal levels of certified organic plant extracts combined with 100% naturally derived ingredients, dry and dehydrated skin will be soothed and hydrated, stressed and tired skin will be replenished and brightened, oily and congested skin will be deeply cleansed and balanced.

Multi-detox Clay Specialty Facial

60 mins   $99

Designed to purify, detoxify and rebalance the skin, this treatment utilizes kaolin and bentonite clay to exfoliate and draw impurities from the skin, chamomile and green tea extracts to calm and soothe, and hyaluronic acid to rebalance and lock in moisture. Your skin will glow with renewed health!

Age vita Renewal Specialty Facial

60 mins    $99

This facial has been designed with one thing in mind – RESULTS! A highly concentrated Vitamin C and Green Tea Mask is blended during the treatment to maximise its antioxidant and skin brightening benefits, restoring radiance to dry, dull and pigmented skin.

BioHydra Infusing Facial

60 mins   $105

This anti-aging treatment is designed to boost skin hydration with a specialised mask infused with Mountain Pepper Berry extract and Hyaluronic acid, formulated to restore the skin’s lipid barrier and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

AHA Rejuvenate Peel

35 mins    $65
Pack of six weekly treatments  $350

To revitalize, refine, brighten and decongest the skin, this intense anti-aging treatment utilizes natural alpha hydroxyl acids and fruit enzymes (no harsh chemicals) to deeply exfoliate and achieve visible results.

Soothing aloe vera and olive leaf extract help your skin feel cool, calm and refreshed. For pigmentation, scars, acne or resurfacing, a course of 6-12 weekly treatments is recommended.

Lactic & Enzyme Peel

35 mins$75
Pack of four weekly/fortnightly treatments$275

For intense refining and anti-aging, this freshly blended compound of 40% active organic lactic and fruit acids and enzymes helps to increase cell turnover and smooth and resurface the upper layers of the skin while boosting and locking in hydration.

Maximise the benefits of this super effective peel with a 4 pack to be taken 1 -2 weeks apart. No redness, irritation or down time with this peel!

Add a little extra pampering

Add on an AHA Rejuvenate Peel to any facial for optimum results15 mins    $25
Pamper your hair and ease any lingering tension with a luxurious Warm Oil Scalp Massage10 mins    $16
Soothe and refresh tired eyes with a Deluxe Eye Treatment10 mins    $18
Complete your pampering with a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage or Leg and Foot Refresher20 mins    $35
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