PrimeTuning is a simple but powerful healing system which utilises muscle testing and the stress release to diagnose and balances the body at its very source, “the cells”.  The trillions of cells which make up the human body have a tremendous influence over its health and well being.  This influence can be positive or negative.  We are only truly healthy when our cells are synchronized to our bodies systems and the earth’s energies.  Equally, when the cells are imbalanced and ‘out of sync’ we are vulnerable to disease and sickness.

In simple terms, the PrimeTuning healing system diagnoses the health of the bodies cells and heals them by transforming their vibrational state from negative to positive. To achieve this transformation, PrimeTuning uses two simple healing techniques: muscle testing for diagnosis and the stress release to make corrections.

In affect, muscle testing is the divining rod that enables the PrimeTuning practitioner or individual to communicate with the bodies cells.  Muscle testing is a widely known and well established technique which is used by therapists from many different healing disciplines.  PrimeTuning uses the muscle test to check the vibrational state of the cells against a comprehensive library of known vibrational states both negative or positve.

When a negative vibrational state is identified, the stress release technique is used to re-program the cells from a negative to a positive state.  This transformation balances the vibrational frequency of the cells to work in sync with the bodies 19 systems and the earth’s eight energies.

The power of this PrimeTuning healing technique comes from the ability of every cell to hold memories (energy vibrations). Many of these memories are positive to our health and well being however some are destructive and lead to poor health and well being. It is the ability to identify and correct these negative conditions at the very core of our existence – “Our Cells” – which makes PrimeTuning such a powerful healing technique.

PrimeTuning does not interfere with conventional medicine, natural therapies or spiritual healing approaches. On the contrary, it enhances and complements the work in all fields of health and well-being.

Positive results can include increased energy, pain relief, health problems resolved, releasing of painful memories, increased clarity of direction and clearing of issues, opening of talents and skills, and improved relationships

As the PrimeTuning healing technique works on an energetic level, it can be equally effective if you are at a distance. Sessions can be conducted over the phone, via Skype or sent by surrogacy. Please ensure you are in a quiet, relaxed space where you will be undisturbed for the duration of your session. It is helpful to be able to lie down and have a warm covering available for comfort and maximum receptivity to the Stress Releases. Enquire for more details.

60 minutes        $75


“I was very curious about having a balance with Darlene. I have had various types of treatments with her including facials and massage which I have been very impressed with. 

Darlene has a lovely soft nature about her that makes you feel like you are in safe and professional hands. I found Darlene to be very intuitive and in touch with her craft. This made me feel at ease and open to this new experience. I learnt a lot about myself through the session which for me is always a bonus. I was blown away by this therapy that I still don’t know a lot about however I found it to be very beneficial and I felt lighter, relaxed and centred following the session. I would love to have another balance with Darlene and I would highly recommend it!”

Sabina M. (2017)

“Thank you, Darlene, for the experience of PrimeTuning balance. I was surprised with how the PrimeTuning worked with body healing…very subtle but powerful with the connection to my inner self. I felt blocked in parts of my body however the PrimeTuning balance process made me focus on my feelings and it shifted emotional blocks. It gave me a sense of lightness in the body and higher energy level.”

Stella H. (2016) 

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