Welcome to Be Well Holistic Therapies, YOUR place to relax, get back in touch with yourself and renew Body, Mind and Soul!

Each level of your being is intimately connected. True happiness and wellbeing come from achieving harmony and balance on all levels.

I have combined my twenty plus years of experience in bodywork, counselling and natural therapies to create holistic treatments that have you feeling nourished and connected on all levels. Each facial, massage and self-empowerment session is tailored to meet the needs of the magnificent individual that is YOU!

Whether you’re looking to embark on your own unique “Best You” journey to bring more balance and fulfillment into your life, are seeking a deeply nurturing and therapeutic massage, or wish to indulge in an organic facial that will leave you AND your skin glowing and revitalised, I would be delighted and honoured to work with you!

With warmest wishes

Darlene Joy

Be Well  Holistic Therapies
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