Meet Darlene

Hi! I’m so pleased to be meeting you at this point in my life, for today I feel incredibly blessed, grateful, loved and abundant.  I’d love to share with you how I got here because I know this is possible for you too!

Let me say from the outset that my life is, and always will be, a work in progress. I certainly have my challenges, I’m far from perfect and am learning new lessons all the time (and revisiting some old ones when needed!).

Yet I can honestly say that I love myself and my life more than I ever have.

I now know that no matter what, every day is going to bring some kind of gift or miracle, and that the fulfilment, connection and joy I’ve always sought is right here within me every moment, just waiting for me to tap in to it.

But it wasn’t always this way…

Like many people, I spent much of my life pursuing acceptance, love and happiness.  I had a lot of expectations about how my life should go and thought that if I kept everybody happy (you can see where this is going!), I’d be happy too.

Of course, there were periods of success, pleasure and contentment, and I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends my whole life. But because I was coming from a place of need and lack and “not enough”, seeking fulfilment from external things and other people, the true inner peace and joy that I sought remained elusive.

I’d done various personal development courses over the years, read numerous self-help books and undertaken several spiritual explorations.

It was like there was always something about myself that needed ‘fixing’.

I didn’t realise that my constant striving and searching were pushing away the self-love and self-acceptance I so desired!

A very painful marriage breakup in 2004 rocked the foundation of my world and challenged almost all I ‘knew’ to be true in my life.

Wanting to be a whole and healthy mother for my two children pushed me to find a way through my “dark night (years!) of the soul” and find the true essence of all I’d learned so that I could create an authentic, loving life.

My beautiful family and friends showed me incredible love, patience and support. I also sought professional help through a therapist and did much healing work on myself. I tried and tested many professional and self-help tools, and gradually undertook further personal development work. I read more books, but this time with a gentle curiosity and strong valuing of my own intuition about what was right for me. I also completed my Counselling Diploma to solidify my previous training and experience.

However, my biggest breakthrough, and what brings me here in front of you today, is my work with an inspiring life coach and mentor.

I finally see the divine purpose of all I have learned, yearned for and struggled with throughout my life.

I have found the acceptance and trust in myself that taps into my inner well of joy that is always full.

Sharing the lessons and gifts of my journey to assist you on yours is one of my greatest sources of fulfilment and joy!

So in addition to my much loved organic facials and holistic massage, I now guide women who are seeking more balance, joy and fulfilment in their lives through a variety of self-empowerment programs.

These include “Moving Forward” and Prime Tuning sessions, my unique six week “Best You” package, and “Back to Balance’ days. It is my passion to guide and support women to reconnect with themselves and their true heart’s desires to create a life they really LOVE!

I’d love to hear your story and support you on your journey too

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