Flex Magnesium Lotion


Australian-Made | Vegan | Scientifically Formulated

Discover the synergistic benefits of our brand new Magnesium Flex Lotion. This innovative lotion combines the power of Magnesium with MSM, Turmeric, Peppermint, and Black Pepper.

Designed to assist with inflammation and joint pain, it harnesses the best of nature and science, leaving you feeling more relaxed and flexible. Now available after years of research and development. The creamy lotion glides onto the skin smoothly and leaves behind a very subtle fragrance of natural oils.

  • Supports Joint Health
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Relaxation
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Joint Comfort
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Ingredients: Purified Water, Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Glycerin, Glyceryl Monostearate, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) Oil, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Curcuma Long (Turmeric) Root Oil, Dimethyl Sulfone, Citric Acid.

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