It's time to Spring Clean...

Detox Inside and Out!


Sip, Soak and Scrub for a Spring cleanse ...

Spring is the ideal time to care for our largest organ of elimination and detoxification (our SKIN!), starting with detoxifying from the inside out. As many of us are becoming aware, gut health impacts not only our digestion - it greatly affects our immune system, mental health, complexion and much more!

An enjoyable and simple first step to begin to nourish and detoxify our digestive system is to 

SIP ... OrganicSpa's delicious organic DETOX AND GLOW TEA daily!

This soothing, detoxifying blend combines Peppermint and Rosehip with Elderflower to help boost immunity, calm the stomach and soothe the digestive tract. With refreshing Lemon Myrtle and Hibiscus providing antioxidant and cleansing properties, this tea will help restore balance to the body and support a healthy skin glow. Each bag makes @ 4 cups. 
Box of 15 organza bags $21.95. Available to sample at your October treatment!

SOAK ... in a Magnesium-rich bath for at least 15-20 minutes, one or more times weekly!

Recent discoveries in both neuroscience and cellular biology show that the degree to which our cells are able to allow toxins to pass through for elimination (cellular membrane permeability) is dependant on MAGNESIUM! This permeability also allows the cell to receive nutrition from outside such as glucose and hormones. So time spent in the bath or having a foot soak really is therapeutic! 

Amazing Oils Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes are natures smallest form of Magnesium, so you get the highest absorption! Choose from the NATURAL RANGE in 200gm $9.95, 800gm $25.95 and 2kg $49.95, or the RELIEF RANGE with added Menthol and Wintergreen for anti-inflammatory benefits (2kg $39.95). Now also available: Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) 2kg $19.95

Or detox, relax and restore with one of BE WELL's own handmade Aromatherapy Bath Soaks. Epsom Salts, Himalayan Pink Salt, dried herbs and pure Aromatherapy blends including Muscle Ease and Serenity Soak make for a truly therapeutic Aromatherapy bath experience. Detox Foot Bath Shots - only $4.95! Prices vary according to size and oils used. 

SCRUB ... away dry, dull winter skin to refresh and rejuvenate both Face and Body, and improve the absorption of your moisturiser!

Try OrganicSpa's Face Exfoliant (75gm $39.95) to gently smooth and polish, or Eco by Sonya's Super Acai Exfoliator (100ml $34.95) for an intense facial scrub. For Rosacea and very sensitive complexions, try OrganicSpa's Enzyme Microexfoliant (110gm $55) - this granule-free powder will delicately brighten, refine and restore the skin's vitality. 

You'll feel invigorated and revitalised after treating yourself with OrganicSpa's Body Salt Scrub (250gm $42.95) with it's unique blend of fine sea salt, macadamia seeds, coffee, jojoba and olive fruit!
You'll also love the intense exfoliation and rich hydration of Eco by Sonya's Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub ($250gm $34.95) with organic Coconut, lemongrass, peppermint and grapefruit.

Purchase $99 worth of full-priced OrganicSpa products and receive a 250gm Body Salt Scrub FREE! (value $42.95)
While stocks last 

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My COVID safety protocol is as follows:

  • I will come outside when you arrive and take your temperature at your forehead (within 3 seconds without any contact)
  • Once we have confirmed that your temperature is under 37.4c, I will take you inside for your treatment!
  • Please allow me to open and close all the doors to simplify contact cleaning required.
  • I will have a mask available to wear and one for you also if you would prefer to wear one (not required)
  • Should you need to sneeze or cough at any point, please let me know so that I can take social distancing and of course, please try to contain any droplets with your elbow or a tissue
  • I am also allowing extra time between appointments to avoid clients having contact and to give me plenty of cleaning time between treatments!